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Tempest Weather System

Meet Your New Home Weather Station

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Tempest Weather System

A complete weather solution for your home.

A revolutionary design with no moving parts, nearly zero maintenance, instant online data, a free personal webpage, and a rich API powering a growing list of third-party applications. Install the Tempest home weather system in less than five minutes and it will do the rest!

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Tempest Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

How do I set up my Tempest?

To set up your Tempest, you will need a smartphone or tablet running the Tempest Weather iOS or Android app. Your smartphone or tablet must support BlueTooth Low Energy (BLE) — this is how your phone connects to the HUB. Download the Tempest Weather app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Then, launch the app and follow the step-by-step instructions to configure your weather station.

Do I need WiFi?

Yes and no. Most people will locate their weather station at home and connect to a home WiFi network. Doing this will enable consistent weather data to flow into the Tempest servers and allow anytime data access. It is possible to operate a Tempest via your smartphone, however, data will only be reported when the phone is directly connected to the weather station (via BLE).

Can I see my Tempest station online?

Yes. Once your weather station is configured (using the Tempest Weather App), you can view it online from any browser at tempestwx.com. Simply log in using the same credential you used to create/configure your station.


Where should I locate my HUB?

Ideally, the HUB should be plugged inside your house within range of your WiFi router to establish a reliable and solid WiFi connection. The Hub has a wireless range of 1,000 feet.

Where should I place my outdoor sensor device?

There are many suitable places you can install your Tempest device, e.g. on top of a fence, wall, railing, pergola, post, roof, chimney, etc. Here are some basic requirements:

  • The Tempest device needs exposure to direct sunlight so its internal battery can recharge. Do not locate the device in a shady spot or it may eventually lose power.
  • Choose a location that allows as much exposure to the wind, rain and sun as possible.
  • Avoid close proximity to surfaces (buildings, walls, the ground) and unnatural moisture and heat sources (exhaust vents, central air units, active chimneys).
  • The structure used to mount the device needs to be sturdy and should not shake, sway or vibrate in strong winds.

I live in an apartment building. Can I install a Tempest on my 3rd floor patio?

Sure, but know that some of the data collected at this location will be heavily affected by the siting limitations. For example, wind speed and wind direction, rain readings and even temperature readings would be heavily influenced by the environment in which the Tempest device is installed.