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We’ve come a long way in just a year, from a couple hundred tuning in to watch a weather forecast to reaching millions cross-platform during severe weather outbreaks. But no matter how big or small, one thing has always remained the same– our sense of community.
That’s why it was important to us to create products that were by our community and for our community. Whether using our favorite sayings in designs or keeping our products mostly locally made and shipped, we are committed to keeping true to that core sentiment.
Not only are we about our community, it’s our mission to help others. THIS IS NOT A CHARITY, but a portion of the profits from this site are used to help victims of severe weather by way of donations, community support, and rapid response with the help of our storm chasers. This is a FOR PROFIT business that operates like any other merch store. However, the more profit the "Y'all Squad" brings in, the more people we can help in our videos & live streams. Additionally, storm chasers may be assisted with funds that originate from this site when they need emergency relief. If you would like to make a direct monetary donation to a charity that helps people when disaster strikes, we recommend the Red Cross or an organization that is local to the affected area.